Friday, October 16, 2009

All About Me

A few months back a I asked a girlfriend, who shall remain nameless to write a short biography for me as a gift for my upcoming 30th birthday... Cheesy right.. lol. I thought it'd be a really cool way to reflect on life as I approach such a momentous milestone :)


I decided to start this blog, as a self reflection, but also to encourage that kid out there who feels like an outcast because of their current situation, where they've been, or where they're from...

Most times we have high expectations of those who get the right start, with all the ingredients, home, parents, schools... and we'd be shocked it they didn't make something of themselves right?

Well expectations are also set for those who inherit adverse situations as they begin their journeys. We don't expect much from them... just hope they stay in they're place and don't bother us who work hard and play by the rules. We're shocked if they go on to lead successful lives!... "You mean you're from"...... "I can't believe it!"

I believe we should start EXPECTING them to do well! Set a different set of standards for those kids who are "hopeful in the hood"! (I just luv that term... lol) Help them find roads that lead to promising futures!

That's what countless, teachers, cousins, friends, neighbors, mama's, grand-mama's, aunts, and uncles did for me!


Don't be soooo SHOCKED People.... that I'm 'THAT GIRL FROM THE PROJECTS!

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