Wednesday, February 15, 2012

He was more thatn the 158 words that the local newspaper mentioned of him.

In the same week that the world lost a starlet, it also lost Kevin Johnson.

The world will never know him for what he WOULD have been or COULD have done.
We can now only speak of him in the past tense, his future gone as he drew his last breath.

I remember Kevin as a kind young boy, eager to listen to and record music in my husband's make shift music studio. (Awe how his eyes would light up!)

Kevin was kind, respectful, full of life and always SMILING!

I could go on to ask "what this world is coming too", or declare that the killings must STOP!

More than ever, what I do understand is that each voice that calls out for CHANGE is capable of DOING SOMETHING!

Please find SOMETHING that YOU can do to keep our Kevin's from falling victim to homicide!

I pledge to DO MY part... DO WHAT I CAN to influence the CHANGE that I WANT TO SEE!

Anyone inspired to DO SOMETHING to Intercept Our Youth is welcome to join the team!

Kevin (Right), pictured with his little brother "Dude"

May you rest in God's company, we will miss you Kevin!

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