Tuesday, November 10, 2009


Remember that episode from the Cosby Show when Rudy wanted to wear that dress but it was cold out and her mom wanted her to wear a warm sweater instead....

I remember that song playing... "it's not easy being me".... and how sad Rudy was that no one around her seemed to understand her perspective.

My husband and I just returned from a Cruise to Cozumel. The cruise was planned about a year ago as a fundraiser for our foundation's scholarship program. We were joined by some of our friends and family.

Yall.. just gotta understand that I'm EXTRA CONFIDENT BEING ME!!!! I realized that subliminally that bothers a bunch of folks. The ship was definitely a mix of groups, none that really associated to much with the other. I however felt like I could relate to most, but didn't really feel that any particular group thought I could.

so what...
can enjoy High TEA
love having WINE at the Piano Bar
will sing every lyric and dance to any BEYONCE song
don't care if my hair gets wet while SNORKELING in the ocean
believes in rewarding good service by TIPING
will say yes mam, please and thank you, because its MANNERABLE
don't care if my DOG KISSES ME
give GOD credit for everything

I would say that I'm a good mix of hood, ghetto-fabulous, prissy, classy, with a smidgen of southern arrogance, and lots of love for Jesus. Do I think I'm too much? HELL YEAH! I DO! I AM!


If you can't handle the fact that I
speak proper English
wear green contact lenses
have 18inches of hair that I grew myself that will curl when it gets wet and make you wonder what nationality my parents are
can walk in 5in heels and make you hate me and your dude wish you could be me
wear a skirt as a top and start a fashion trend
have friends that are coon asses, country, hood, sanctified, "fit the description", college graduates, law makers, accountants, teachers, entertainers, athletes
can do anything that I set my mind to doing, even when all odds are stacked up against me

I can't help that..... I will not apologize for being me....

I can't help who I am.. I'm me. Just like you are YOU.

I can appreciate the differences in people, embrace it, love it, welcome it. I refuse to try and understand why I should be put in a box to be one way or another!

I can't be only HOOD, because I'm from the HOOD! or only INTELLECTUAL, because of my DEGREE!
I can't be quiet when my opinion differs from yours
I can't be FAKE... because your definition of me defies who I am
I can't be anything but who I am...

The girl who's life experiences has made her everything that God created her to be.


Jimmy and I celebrating our anniversary back in may

Our foundations scholarship cruise with family, and college friends

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