Saturday, November 21, 2009

Sista Girls

Ey Na! Nia and I go wayyyyyy wayyyy wayyyy back! To skinny Nia, and the girl from the projects back!

We're all grown up now. Can't run and hide when life starts to get rough. Got to stand up, be strong!

Today my heart aches. I know she won't say it, but her heart aches too. Her bestie... her sweetie.. her boo has just been called to Duty!

I have so much respect for Mr. Wilburt Lee. Sorry if i butchered your name. And even more respect for what he does to keep us safe. I know that my sista Girl is strong. She's gonna beee OK! (im my crisette michelle voice)!

Because words elude me now, I LOVE YA! AND PRAYING EVERYDAY.... not the kind that people just say! I mean I really am!

Love Ya Sista Girl.... and ure extra cool hubby 2!

Nia & Lee Tynes on his date of deployment

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